About RUIAN DINGYU Machinery Co., LTD

Author:admin Time:2017/9/27

DINGYU Machinery company located at ZheJiang Province Ruian City. Ruian is know as China Printing Machinery City service customer around world.

Our company insist on “First technology then industry”concept,keep plowing the label printing industry automation.The company during many years of capture,the successful development of sub-coupling coupled tension calculation method and mathematics matrix tension calculation method,and successfully applied to the market,up to the international counterparts advanced level,in one fell swoop to break the international manufacturers in the industry monopoly.

Segmented Coupling Tension Technology and Matrix Tension Technology As the company's proprietary technology,when applied to non-stop zero speed splicing machine,regardless of emergency stop, jogging,lifting tension when the tension is always constant,the tension error is always maintained within 3N,To maximize the efficiency of the label press,greatly improve the yield,reduce losses,and create benefits!

Our company has a number of paper splitter invention patents,there are rolling method and roling cutting press the integration of variety of method,such as Butt splice to adapt different occasions,different tension requirements of suitable printing materials,paper success rate of 100%,can be connected die-cutting,greatly enhance efficiency and reduce cost.All machine models are optimized for user-friendly design,especially Dingyu use unique interchange of public templates,it can be customized for different needs of customers to provide fast delivery and all parts of the general,and greatly reduce the customer of use,maintenance costs,with experienced R&D team and excellent working team,with a full spirit to meet the global businessmen and colleagues from all walks of life inspection and cooperation,win-to-win,create brillant!